Christian Ardoin – White Bluff, Tennessee Tennessee


This woman has wreaked more havoc in several states with men, either married or single, than any woman I have ever known. She cheated on her husband, Patrick, who later committed suicide in Louisiana. She moved to Tennessee and had several affairs, including at least one married man. She later moved to Somerset, KY where she continued her sordid affairs, becoming pregnant by another married man, and then the pregnancy was terminated by a miscarriage. 2 of her children were, and still are, incarcerated for drugs in LA. She moved back to TN to live with her sister after a failed relationship in KY and engaged in other failed relationships, including another married man. She has self-professed psychological issues, bipolar disorder, that supposedly have been diagnosed and treated by medical professionals. She will use and abuse a man until she has achieved what she needs, financially or emotionally, then dump him in a heartbeat without any remorse whatsoever. Another man she had been involved with committed suicide in GA. She has 5 children by 3 different men, having given one, her only daughter, up for adoption. This should speak volumes about the moral fortitude of this woman. I recommend you steer clear of this woman if you value your life, marriage, or moral values because she is devoid of any. BTW, she works at Nashville Wire in White Bluff, TN. If you work there be wary of her.

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