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Christian Brothers Automotive Green Oaks Ripoff on a/c repair Grand Prairie TX!!. I am not impressed. I came in to get an estimate on getting my a/c worked on, and was given an estimate of over 3,000$ in total. My a/c worked, but it would make a noise in order to turn cool and i was unable to adjust the temperature. When it would switch to cool it would freeze you out. I could not afford to get all the work done that day so I said I would bring it back in mid June when I could afford to have everything done. When I left that day my car no longer would blow cool at all. I brought it back and asked why it was worse than when I brought it in if I did not authorize them to work on my car other than giving a diagnostic… and the manager told me it’s because the mechanic “cleared codes” so it’s not going to blow cool anymore. I now know that is a complete LIE. So basically I was forced into spending 1300$ in total that day to get a new compressor and 2 blender doors. (I now know the parts total to about 300$) when I got my car back it was not blowing as cool as it should, so after a few miserable weeks I brought it back in, and they told me I needed to spend another 300$ for another blender door. I argued with the man and told him I feel ripped off and went to pick up my car. When I arrived he said they were going to give me the part and labor out of “goodwill”, yet when I left my car is still not blowing as cool as it should. I’m out 1300$ and the a/c is in worse shape than before I brought it in. I will never use this company again. I thought I could save money by going to a shop that would be willing to build trust (instead of wasting my money at other bogus shops) and still ended up screwed over. I’ve put so much money into mechanics and shops that I could have bought a brand new vehicle by now, but of course I’m your typical young blonde with “take my money” written on my forehead. Thanks for nothing.

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