Christin VanNorman (Dangel) – Grand Blanc, Michigan Michigan


This woman attaches herself to your husband and tries to feed him a sob story so he feels bad for her. She was married also at the time when she tried to break up my family of 17 years. It didn’t work for her. I’m happy Karma is a bitch and hit her hard. Her husband divorced her. She is now living in her parent’s basement with 2 children. Here’s a little look into Christin. Supposedly, her husband was abusive. She has fake teeth and can’t have sex very often due to bleeding for days. She tells men what she thinks they want to hear. I find it funny that my husband would give her short answers to everything. She IS childish enough to upload a call app, use your number and call at all hours of the night. When she is called back, she replies “you woke up my fucking kid”. She deserves a mother of the year award! If you catch this nasty bitch on your husband’s Facebook, I will guarantee you, she has latched onto him. Her favorite game is Clash of Clans. I personally think the bitch is ugly with that huge mole on her face. She definitely looks old, (she’s supposedly in her 20’s). I hope no one else has to deal with her, she is a nnightmare and a half…I still have every screenshot of their entire personal messages from Facebook.

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