Christina Grace Underwood Freitas – Cloverdale, California California


This 22 yr old Christina Grace Underwood Freitas went after my 50 yr old husband for money and gifts. She knew he was married but decided having an affair with him was ok after he lied to her about having “permission” to see other women. She got pregnant right after they started having sex but apparently did not get the memo that he was V safe. She eventually married another man and had my husband at her wedding. The entire time the two of them continued their affair. After I finally discovered some of their texts, they tried to convince me it was something that happened once a long time ago. She met me for lunch and when I asked her how did you meet, her answer was the first time we had sex… needless to say I was devastated and she knew that. She then proceeded to lie and tell me they were just friends and no more. That her husband knew everything. About a year after that lunch I found my husband’s secret phone and they were lovers for the whole 5 years with him paying her $300 for sex plus hotels, jewelry, sexy clothes etc. and I read the text where they talked the day she had lunch with me. She tried to explain to him why she did it (she wanted to make sure I did not tell her husband because he did not know about her ongoing affair with my husband) and how she still wanted to see him even after talking to me. They conspired together on what lies to keep telling me and how they continued to have their affair even after she knew we were in marriage counseling to get him to stop having this affair. I read their texts where she said she was having sex with other men and even got my husband to buy her the Day After pill because she was scared she was pregnant by some random guy she met in a bar. He also paid for her STD testing. The short of it is she was married at 19 and divorced at 21 and she went cruising the bars to find her a sugar daddy. Unfortunately she found my husband in his mid life crisis and took full advantage. She has had a second baby now and I am sure she probably needs more cash now. She can earn minimum wage and net $300 a week working 40-50 hours at Walmart or spend an hour with my husband and get $300 cash plus all her hair appointments and manicures paid for by a married man. She will always be hunting for easy money.

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