Christina Kuhlow – Marlton, New Jersey New Jersey


So my story goes like this. Happily married, happy life. Until we fell on hard times. My Husband is a recovering drug addict. We fell on hard times. He lost his mother, then our baby. So he started to use again and started to do stupid stuff. He met a dope head Christina Kuhlow, who thinks it’s okay to sleep with other men while she herself is married and has 2 kids. I found out about her while cleaning my car and found pieces of paper with her info. She bought my husband a phone that he don’t need but it was for him to talk to her. I text her to find truth and the bastard lies to me about her and where he has been. They been messing with each for 5 years on and off. While me and my now ex been together for 10years. Christina knew where I lived and worked, she picked my husband up at our house and my job. She’s telling me she’s pregnant. She thinks it’s funny. She is 36 years old and acts like a 5 year old. I guess that’s what drugs to to your brain. She texts me and rubs it in when she and my ex-husband are together. One night my ex wanted to talk and to explain and she found out where we where by tracking his phone she bought him. Then she went to his place where he was staying, took his clothes, riped them up and vandalized my car with them. I found out her info and told her husband and showed him the texts and stuff from her and her husband didn’t believe me. So this is my way to let people see who this person is. She is a HOMEWRECKER. Right now my husband is back in rehab trying to fix us and to make this work. Drugs are bad.

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