Christina Leonard – Saint Peters, Missouri Missouri


It’s been almost a year since the first time I ever saw that name. At first I messaged her to let her know that my boyfriend was taken. Maybe there was a misunderstanding or she simply didn’t know he was in a relationship? He admitted he was talking to her and that it was wrong. He appologized and we moved on. We’ve deleted accounts and tried a joint account, we’ve both told her that were engaged and happy. She keeps popping back up and trying to seduce my fiance. The last message that I got from her said that my fiance and I need to grow up and then she blocked us. Now she’s been messaging him again and gets mad when he ignores her and doesn’t answer. I’m tired of this wh**e and I wish she would leave us alone. To make things worse she is in a relationship and has kids. Her bf or husband works and she stays at home to be a ho all day. She has at least 2 profiles and who knows how many other people she is doing this to. Plus her poor husband, I’d love to let dude know that she doesn’t want to be with him. She just stays because he takes care of her.

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