Christina Marie Mesrobian Miami Florida


Complaint: Christina Marie Mesrobian is a 22 year old Scam Artist, Drug addict and Drug Dealer. She claims she is a medical assistanct student and will give you a sob story of how she was in a foster home… even though she talks to her Father all the time and he helps pay her bills. She is NOT a student. Instead, she spends her days getting high off of marijuana, popping extasy, snorting cocaine and smoking meth. This goes on 7 days a week while she finds time to sell and deliver cocaine for a local drug dealer. Christina can pull it together long enough to look like a 22 year old student to scam other ppl for money or whatever else she is trying to get out of you. Once she finds she can’t get what she wants, you see the real dope addict and drug dealer she really is, who is also psychopathic from years of smoking meth and doing other drugs, even though she’s only 22. Even her own father is fooled, but not for long. Christina Mesrobian should be in jail or rehab as she is contributing nothing to this society except being another con artist that society has to beware of. She is a predator who will smile in your face while stealing from you. If she can’t get her way, she goes into a drug hazed, psychopathic rage for not letting her use you. Christina lives in and hangs around the Hollywood area since this is the area she does most of her dealing and deliveries. She only leaves her aprtment to get high with others or make deliveries that she walsk to. Every word out of her mouth is a LIE. She will steal and do whatever it takes to make sure her studio apartment remains a crack den for her and the rest of her druggie friends to smoke meth, do coke and whatever else she feels like doing. She thinks life is a free ride for her to con ppl whenever she likes.

Tags: Drug Dealers

Address: 2025 Argyle, Suite 20 Los Angeles, California United States of America



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