Christina Mowry – Laurens, Iowa Iowa


So this little piece of work as been picking at my relationship for 2 years. It all started when I first started dating my bf and hasn’t quit since. She’s tried to pawn a child off on him which ended up not even being his and tells my bf lies that I fuck around on him when I don’t. She always sends pictures of her boobs and God knows what else to my bf and even after time and time being told to back off she’s still at it. My bf and I have been together for 2 years and have 2 children, 1 adopted and one biological. I thought we got rid of her until I was pregnant with our son then my problems came back and he’s back to falling for her games and lies and exchanging pictures with her although you don’t need to ask her to send them she does it right off the bat. She’s 20 years old, 2 kids who she don’t know of father of either of them, no job and worthless pile who only knows how to open her legs for anybody. If sh*t continues with her I’m sure my relationship will be done.

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