Christina Ogden – West Point, Virginia Virginia


This girl Christina Ogden and I were best friends. When I say that, I mean it. We did everything together. Shared everything with each other. When it came time for her sons birthday, she had no money so I paid for almost the entire party, presents, decorations, food, and all. My husband and I had been having problems, of mainly my making, no cheating just other personal stuff. I had Obviously shared all this stuff with her, she knew EVERYTHING. She also knew how much I loved him and how great of a man and father he was. She took it upon herself to not only sleep with him, but move all her nasty clothes in OUR home and try to live there!! She wanted what I had and tried desperately to get it. Then when she expected me to leave, which obviously wasn’t gonna happen, she quickly realized she had to go. She since has moved from where we live in Newark Valley, New York to Virginia (good place for her) and my husband and I are currently working things out, reconnecting, and getting to know each other again. While fully understanding that it is not all her fault, I still have NO desire for her to be anywhere near my family. She knew mine and my husbands relationship inside and out, and had she been a true friend, she would have stayed away. She’s a liar, manipulator, user, and a HOMEWRECKER.

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