Christine Bedwell – Midland, Texas Texas


Christine Bedwell can’t seem to keep her legs together, or her mouth shut. She has had many affairs and 2 of them broke up marriages that had children. She knew both of those times that the men where married. She moves from job to job so that she can pick someone new. She apparently has daddy issues because she likes men old enough to be her dad. But she goes for the young young ones too. She plays on their sympathy and they fall for her. She then has them pay her bills and buy her things. She talks them into taking her on trips. When confronted she is a coward and won’t meet face to face but she doesn’t mind sending harassing messages and phone calls all to lie and say she didn’t make them. She is a whore of the worse kind. She hurts everyone she comes into contact with and ladies no man is safe, so if you think she is a friend you better lock your men up before she comes around. She plays men for the fools they are. Sad thing is everyone knows what a whore she is and now I think she will have to move to get another man, oh wait I guess she can get as many old fools as she would like because they seem to like the younger whores.

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