Christine Elizabeth Brown – Peabody, Massachusetts Massachusetts


Christine Brown is an overweight 22 year old “c * next tuesday,” from Peabody, MA. She currently works at Woburn Toyota in Woburn, MA. She preys upon recently engaged and married men to build her ego – especially in the work place – so if you don’t want sexual harassment cases DO NOT HIRE HER. Not to mention she is an unmotivated, lazy employee who would rather smoke weed and eat than provide customers with a good experience. She also has texted numerous naked pictures to various co-workers. She enjoys the excitement of having sexual relationships in the workplace. She needs men to boost her ego because she is so overweight. If you look her up on Facebook, she is one of those girls who uses filters and angled face shots to make herself look less ugly. She almost broke up an engaged couple, but they were strong enough to talk through everything and are now stronger than ever. Please watch out for her, for your company’s sake, for your employees’ sake, and for your own sake. She is very sneaky and out for her own benefits.

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