Christine Pendleton (Han) – Nampa, Idaho Idaho


Christine Pendleton has no sympathy for ruining relationships or families. Everytime her and her ex husband would take a break, she would sleep with half the city of Nampa and most of the rest of the Treasure Valley. BEWARE!! She will act like she is just “being there for them” but apparently that means opening her legs up for them too. She’s got kids of her own yet has no shame flaunting her inner wh***. She won’t care if you end up finding out because she will continue to pursue your man regardless on your guys’ relationship, if you have a family or if she knows who you are. This woman is known for sleeping around!!!! If your man claims her as a “friend” then BEWARE!!! She’s on the loose and has NO SHAME in her game to sleep with your bf/husband.

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