Christine Yang (Hu) – Freemont, California California


This girl named Christine Yang, also known as Christine Hu is a piece of Taiwanese garbage. She is roughly around 36 and has married 2 men both close to if not over 20 yrs. her senior. She has never worked a day of her life accept the oldest on in the book. ( Money is her objective so when the first husband was about to call it quits, she got pregnant. Didn’t matter, she was such a terrible mother she never got custody of her. Meanwhile she found her next target, a cross-dressing bisexual. He paid for her lifestyle so she put a blind eye to his BS, for 4 years, until she found a super rich old business tycoon from Taipei. She married his old saggy butt for the gifts and expensive trips he takes her on ( which is what she tells younger men she has sex with). While married.. or possibly still married to that guy, she is having sex with anything else that is married or single. Yes… she seduced even my husband. The only man I was with for 21 yrs. and 17 yrs. of marriage. The man I had 2 kids with that hated skanky girls like this one. Oh.. she played her innocent cards with him. He was introduced to her by her friend who… wanted some whores to entertain her business meeting and called her in to join in… and she lied saying that she actually worked in Realestate. ( I noticed around him she would wear very demure clothing.) Her last husband or is it still current? She lied so much to everyone… gave her a full body haul. Breast implants… you name it. She makes herself look like a little innocent Asian doll. Apparently she spends her days manipulating her FB posts so that her friends back in Taipei will be jealous of her. || So in order to do that, she chooses which guy will take her out on the most expensive dinner, hotel, or trip and then will post it on her FB page. My husband was an idiot enough to think she was a normal person and was “into” him. In the space of a year, granted it was on and off because she had other men to have sex with and get gifts from, he spent close to $30,000 on her on $1,200 a/night hotels and $500 Michelin dinners. This from a man that thought a $65 shirt was over the top. We are not rich by any means. I found out later, the girlfriend of the cross dresser found out how much her boyfriend spent on that whore and went ballistic. She said exactly what I said, which is, she bleeds men to death of their finances. She however, has ties to the Taiwanese community here and has been telling people about her. So why is she angry about a past girlfriend? Because this piece of work still keeps in contact with all the men she’s slept with for “just incase” sex sessions and “just incase” financial needs if one money bags slips through her grasps. Which accounts for her on and off relationship with my husband. So any who, when I did the cross check of credit card bills, email histories, etc. against her FB posts. Basically the whore would get other dates and sex session inline while at hotels with other men and many times would go to the same hotels around the bay area with not only her husband, but the many different men she had been with. She has probably been to a good 70% of all the 5 star hotels around the WHOLE of the bay area, wine country, and Las Vegas. She is obsessed with her phone. So you will probably see her around Fremont, Santana Row San Jose, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Mountain View and Las Vegas taking selfies of herself or getting the poor schmuck she is screwing her to take her whoretastic pictures. Mean while how disgusting is this? || Her husband or ex…the Taiwanese Tycoon from Taipei, owns several homes around the Bay area. He demoted her from his mansion to one of his crappier homes in Fremont cause he found out she was sleeping around, but decided he invested enough in her to keep her as his side whore. Anyways, he has a large box of condoms at the house for his open house sex visits, and the whore actually walks around with them in her purse to use with other men!!! She is such an idiot, she thinks she is being coy by not posting pictures with men’s faces, but in her “food” pics there are always arms, watches, phones, bellys, shirts, etc. caught and you can tell they are from different men. (At least 6 in just this past 9 months and that is without all her posts… as she will show and hide things all the time) What a disgusting piece of trash. I mean who does this? She who’s father left her mother for another woman, who grew up with the pain of divorce and infidelity actually said to my husband she was fine that he was married and had two kids. She just wanted to have fun! She didn’t care that she would destroy a relationship of over 20 yrs, much less 2 other kid’s lives. SO SHE COULD HAVE FUN! While posting pictures of herself drappen on beds all around the Bay area, she posts pictures of herself with her daughter… with locations stamps!!! || Who does that and opens up their FB to public? She should be thrown in jail for endangerment of a minor. So be careful ladies of the Bay area, she doesn’t care if the men are married or old, as long as they pay for an expensive dinner and a nice hotel she’ll gladly have sex with them because it is “FUN” and she can make her friend back home jealous. Check out her FB page and you’ll know what I mean : By the way all these pictures are on her public facing page.

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