I had placed and order with CC that included Next Day Shipping. For whatever reasons, CC chose to ship the items by ground, taking a week. The items were then of no use to me. Immediately upon seeing how CC was shipping I tried to contact them by phone and email. Phone was not answered and no email response. I have attemept to contact them daily for two weeks by both phone and email. Christmas central refuses to response to either form of contact. My original email offered a resolution, but Christmas Central chose to ignore my email. I have attempted to contact this company by email and phone daily for two weeks with NO response as of yet. My credit card company will not allow me to contest the charge for 15 days. Well, tomorrow is the 15th day. This company clearly has some of the absolute worst customer service around. I have no idea why they feel they can over charge customers for services and then opt to do something else. A simple error is one thing, but to completely ignore the customer and pocket the money is bordering on fraud. This company should be avoided at all costs, there are far more reputable dealers out there that will work with you. For the few dollars you save, they will find a way to scam it out of you. The aggravation of these fly by night companies is something to avoid at all costs.

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