Christopher Douglas Hunt – Cheyenne, Wyoming Men


So I was a dumbass and married my friend of 10 years. He was in a relationship that he said he was getting out of and in the process of moving out so I thought it was over. Anyway, we get married 4.5 years later after I paid numerous moths of his bills, car payments bike payments I thought something was up so I asked him if he was seeing someone. Of course, he lied, I already knew what was going on. so I had to set him up to get caught because he didn’t have balls enough to own his sh*t, most men don’t. After the “set up” I caught him with none other than Ivy McGinnis the town door knob. Now ok, if he had cheated with some upper crust of the town I could have understood but, this skank is THE definition of trailer park trash, living with her sister at the time with her 3 kids and her sister’s 4 kids. our wedding photos were on the wall, they had sex in our bed…….god only knows how many times I slept in her gross skankiness !!!!!! This man has no boundaries and likes unusual sexual things done to him which might be why he left. || I have boundaries and wouldn’t do as he asked. come to find out he was still with his baby mamma when we got together!!!! He lied to me about having issues to line me up, then he left her. well the same thing, he told her we were having issues which I was unaware of to line her up. He can’t keep it in his pants for anything. I’d like to see how she’s financially supporting him on her food stamps and child support. he lied to me about how much he was making to force me to pay all the bills making out like he was all poor and sh*t. His W2 got sent to the house……$4000 a month! Karma is a bitch, she now has breast cancer and while I wouldn’t wish that on anyone karma saw fit to give him what he deserves, a life of misery, wonder who he’s lining up next?

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