Christy Edwards Cain – Santa Fe, New Mexico New Mexico


When you cheat on your spouse you are supposed to cheat up correct? In this case my husband cheated way down. I always felt a bit off around Christy and then I thought to myself my husband would never cheat on me with her she is absolutely disgusting. She is a lot older, has yellow teeth, stringy red hair, saggy t*ts that look like balloons that lost helium. This piece of garbage was so unhappy with her own life she kept hitting on my husband and they became friends. Well one day they slept together. My husband has a kind heart and she kept feeding him sob stories about her life. Of course, he bought into it and became captain save a hoe. They met up a few other times and slept together on their lunch hour at parks. I told my husband what is she some pay by the hour chic, fuck her and be done? When I found the pictures and texts I couldn’t help but laugh at them because he cheated wayyyyy down. Seriously this woman needs some lessons in selfies. She is disgusting. I confronted her and she thought it was funny until I laughed at her and her disgusting old lady a**. She knows how gross she is but laughed to save face. My husband is so embarrassed and ashamed of what he did. He doesn’t want anyone to know that he cheated on me with her. Talk about lowering standards to white trash. Everyone should know what garbage this lady is.

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