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Chuck Hughes is an 8 time international trading champion with real money. I watched a webinar about his trading style and ordered his book, TRADE LIKE CHUCK. I didn’t join his group of services for cash but kept receiving emails about the successes of his trading groups. One such group, a weekly options class, had earned 10,000% return on a live options trade on Alibaba in one day before the stock went crazy. I called the phone number as directed 800-978-2523 to get details of the option trade. The trade was over and obviously would be of no use to me. The response was that since I was not a member of the weekly options class I could not have the details. I said it was deceptive to email me about results and that it was all a lie to get me to join Chuckhughestradeforlife plan. Over the years, as I can tell, Chuck has had many groups with different names doing the same thing–trading off Chucks recommendations. So beware of untruths in emails.

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