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Chuck Hutton Chevrolet Tore seat in my car MEMPHIS Tn!!. Case Description: Seat got torn during oil change On Saturday, June 2 about 9am I took my car to Chuck Hutton Chev to get an oil change and my service advisor was Author. I picked my car up about 2pm but didn’t notice anthing until I got home. So I called them about 4 but they were closed. I called on Monday to speak to my service advisor and the operator said she would give him the message. I waited but no one called me back. So finally I got a call on Monday June 11 from Author asking was everything ok with my car and I explained to him that someone ripped my driver seat. So I scheduled an appointment to go in the next day on Tuesday to talk to the service advisor Darryl and he was very uncooperative about the situation because he walked very slow to my car. He also talk to his employees that was already helping someone with their car and I said here’s my car here…I opened the door. He said ok…ok just wait. But why wait when you are standing next to my car. He looked at the rip in my seat and said that’s wear and tear. I said it’s not because this is a new car. 2019 Camaro. He said yes it is and I’m not paying for it! And walked away leaving me standing there by myself.

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