Cindy Abruzzini – Medera, Californina California


Cindy Abruzzini has no qualms about sleeping with a married man. She claims that they are “Soul Mates” and tells them that they were together in a “past” life. Her story is that he is her “Destiny” and that all of the gods and goddesses have it planned for them to meet in this life because they were together back then. It does not matter if the man is married, in a relationship, or whatever. She even enjoys seeing pictures of the wives and children of the men she sleeps with and goes so far as to rate them on whether or not she thinks they are Good Looking! She shows no remorse because she sees it that the man is hers and the wife has done her wrong by marring a man in this life even though he was hers in a past life. She is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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