Cindy Branham Review


I have seen personally seen and heard this so called trainer trying to train horses I have seen her with my own eyes scare horses to do what she wants them to do. I have seen /heard raise her voice to others that have taken her lessons if they arnt doing what she is wanting them to do. She has also told several ladies their horses need to be put down because they are crazy and she can’t train them. In one hour a man had trained this ladies horse and she was able to ride him. With in several months the man retrained their horse with kindness, gentle, and being patient. This horse has now never had an bucking g is sure or act crazy again. Cindy the trainer had told a person that she would never get on or work with a horse with a bucking issue. I have seen her spur a horse in tiny circles until it feel down. Her own horses that are supposed to be so trained for 4 or 5 years now are still scared of doing things. | I have seen people take lessons from her for years and their horses and riders should be more advance then what they are now. If any other trainer tells her she is doing things wrong she gets upset and don’t take their clinic again. Cindy Branham in my opinion isn’t a good trainer at all. She would never touch my horse or my families horses ever. I find her to be a bully to boarders that board their horses there.

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