Cindy DeBonee – Newington, Conneticut Connecticut


Cindy wanted to get back at her husband for going to Hooters and not cleaning the kitchen, so she slept with his friends, even those that were married to her friends. First was Kim, who’s wife was home sick. She invited him to car shows and slept with him in trailers, then Joe from her high school then she joined the elks club and proceeded to pick up married men there and invited her friends husband there when her friend was working. She slept with him in a truck in a parking lot of nearby motels, when he didn’t call back she showed up at his house with wife there pretending to want to hang out with his wife, who found out and left him. Then she got husband arrested. Beware of women who constantly complain about their husband to your man. She tells other peoples husband that marriages should have expiration dates, she gets really drunk at Her friends house so she can sleep over or get a ride from husband so she can poke them.

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