Cindy Ogeda – Mexia, Texas Texas


This skank met Johnny R in a bar one night & a couple of hours later conceived their son. Her baby’s daddy was with her boss who because of Cindy lost her job, income, home, pregnancy & had her brand new car vandalised by Cindy & her friends once Cindy realized he would not leave his girl. This idiot has caused so much pain & misery on our family I don’t even know where to begin. She knew when she found out she was pregnant Johnny would never be with her. She knew he was taken but she decided to have her child anyway. Smh I don’t understand how tramp can have a baby with a married stranger. Anyway, she felt her son was entitled to his “birthright” so she filed for child support not caring that she was about to destroy his family for a second time! She didn’t care that she was taking from the child she was oobsessed with. Lmao though because she’s never gotten a much from her baby daddy. He even refused to let her kid have his last name. No one in the family wants any thing to do with her kid. No one trusts or respects this whore.

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