Circe Angelica Dunwoody


Are you having some concerns with your marriage or relationship? If your answer is yes, you might feel the need to discuss your relationship problems with friends or family members because it is normal to feel the need to vent your emotions, disappointments and frustrations with someone else besides your partner. However, it can be very costly to you for many reasons. First of all, friends and family cannot be very neutral. Second, your privacy can be compromised which you might regret later on.My best advice will be to seek professional counseling. You may ask why. A psychotherapist will keep confidentiality, will be neutral and also has the extensive training in relationship dynamics. This will provide you with techniques and strategies to improve your relationship with your partner and yourself.I have worked with people of different cultures, religions and backgrounds. My experience has been extremely rewarding both professionally and personally. I have learned that when a therapist is caring, empathetic and not judgmental the client responds accordingly. Also I speak both English and Spanish. This gives me a wider range of therapy perspectives.

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