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Hello, READ ALL OF THIS BEFORE YOU INTERVIEW!!!! I worked for this company for 2 months, closed 13 At&t apps, 12 RDC apps. When I first interviewed there, first off they didn’t explain that I would be going door to door in sub zero temperatures. I didn’t dress adequately enough for the temperatures outside. My thoughts at first of the office were absolute disorganization. They had about 9 employees at the time 5 of which all live together in the same house. Kai Petrich owner, Robert assistant manager, and 3 others which I won’t name. When I went in the field they were used standard sales techniques to try and persuade the customer into buying the product. Most of which had the product or service before and were completely unsatisfied with the product. Through the interview they use tactics to try and build my impulse for working for the company. I bought into the idea of the management training program, which is a clever tactic in making you do more work with no reward by the way. My first month I didn’t get any pay at all. In fact it takes 3 weeks for an application to process before you get paid for it. During the training process they don’t even pay you for your training. Pretty much your first 2-4 weeks your working for free. They do have valuable sales techniques, but their disorganization was absolutely terrible. Kai spent most of his time traveling on “”Business trips””, he was maybe there a week the whole time I was there. The trainers all were young, and easily manipulated. I remained weary the entire time I worked there. They were often trying to keep things a secret among-st the fab five. Still I remained focused on the big picture: the big picture is this exactly; account executive 2-4 weeks pay between 300-500 dollars, then their is corporate trainer, you will remain corporate trainer until you learn how to train AE’s, learn the business, and consistently close 500-1000 bucks a week. Next, you have assistant manager, you begin to set aside money in account, you get 10% of all profits, you conduct 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round interviews and basically run the whole office. Finally you get to manager, after about a year supposedly, you can open an office anywhere. So all of that sounds amazing right? Wrong…What they don’t tell you is the product first off is terrible. Anyone who has had the product knows this. So you sign up a bunch of people because the product does sound amazing. Your pulling long hours in the freezing cold. Just waiting to get that first check. When your first check does finally show up, surprise it isn’t what you thought it would be. Not even close. I spent all my resources in hopes that the big picture would play out. I got 2 checks in 2 months, remember I closed 13 and 12, which amounted to a little over 300 bucks. Part of which Kai stated was an “”advance””. In order to survive doing this job, you need to have a ton of resources, be living with the boss, or be an absolute cut-throat never take no for an answer kind of individual. Oh! Almost forgot! When I got promoted, oh this is the best part. They tried to block the door so I couldn’t leave the room, then they told me to get promoted, I had two options one tell a joke so funny it would make one of them cry. Which they stone face you so you have to do option 2. Option 2 is standing on a chair like a complete idiot while you sing I am a T-cup in a different language or accent. I was so disturbed and upset by this that I moved the guy away from the door and stormed out. The amount of immaturity that I seen was indescribable! If offered a position for this company, I hope you see this before you put as much time and effort into it as I did. .

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