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Consumer Affairs Commissioner Jules Polonetsky Short Circuits nElectronics Giant for Illegal Return PolicynDCA Commissioner Takes Enforcement Action Against Circuit City Electronics, nDemands Refunds For Consumers Socked With 15% ‘Restocking Fee’ nCircuit City Electronics — the nation’s largest electronics chain — broke the law and ripped off consumers returning unused merchandise, Consumer Affairs Commissioner Jules Polonetsky announced today. Commissioner Polonetsky also demanded full refunds to all consumers charged with a 15% “restocking fee.”” nFollowing a comprehensive investigation

the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) served the electronics giant with over 80 counts of violations — carrying potential fines of more than $30

000 — for failing to properly disclose its return policy

posting conflicting return policies and publishing misleading advertisements. n””Consumers shouldn’t have to be detectives to find out a store’s return policy

“” said Commissioner Polonetsky. “”But at Circuit City

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