Circuit City Fayetteville North Carolina Review


I ordered an item online. The day it was received, the box was opened. It was dented and broken. I immediately called them and was told that they would expedite a new one to me and that I would receive a call within 72 hours with instructions on how to return the damaged one. nFive days later (Monday) I called to check on the status of the shipment of the new item and was told they would not ship a new one until they received the damaged one in their warehouse and inspected it. And this would take up to 4 weeks. They also said they would email the return label to send the damaged one back and that Fed Ex would pick it up on Wednesday. On Tuesday I got the email with the shipping label that also said I had to pay to send the item back to them. It weighed 68 lbs. nWhen I called to verify this, they said yes but that I would “probably”” get the cost reimbursed once they inspected the item. Fool me once

shame on you. Fool me twice

shame on me. nI decided not to chance the reimbursement issue

and dropped the item off at the local Circuit City. The “”manager”” there was less than pleasant; a refresher course in customer service would do her a world of good. nValerienFayetteville

North CarolinaU.S.A.”

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