Circuit City Storrs Connecticut Review


I have bought a sony vaio notebook computer from circuitcity two years ago on 5/26/2002. The sales person persuade me to buy the CSP plan for extended warranty. He said the extended warranty is two years, it cost me for $300.00. I just have copy of receipt, no information about their contracts about the warranty. The sales man just tells, if you have bought the CSP plan, you have nothing to worry about. nBut now my computer has problem and I have called GEZWM, the warranty provider. There is only answer machines no one pickup the phone and the answer machine says: ” please make your hardware available/ready

call later””. Every time is the same. nThat is worst feeling I have ever had for shoping in USA. I have seen so much complain about Circuit city. Is it possible to sue them the dishonest behavior in their business. nI am really angried after all this happened!! nRfnStorrs


Machester – Buckland Mall, Connecticut U.S.A.

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