CitiFinancial Servicing Complaint


A certain Aries Mercader has been terrozing my sister that “They will start publishing your (personal profile) NAME, FACE PICTURE and ADDRESS (including your references) in all leading newspapers on the count of ESTAFA then, we will seek your ARREST WARRANT for serving to ensure your CITIFINANCIAL obligation are fully settle to coordinate call Aries Mercader at nos. [protected] or [protected]. ASAP” To date, the loan has been fully paid since June 2008. Then why does citifinancial be doing such claims that the last bill of a measly 7, 000 pesos have ballooned to 28, 000 pesos. But when confronted Mr. Aries Mercader…he just said OK please pay 2000 pesos ASAP & the remainig 5000 pesos on the end of next month april…to avoid paying the 28, 000 pesos. What kind of accounting system does citifinancial do? I am demanding formal written apology from citifinancial and send copies as well to all they have texted.

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