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City Garage The three mechanics names were not mentioned, cashier name Megan Metheny Charged $300.00 more for valve cover gasket replacement, then added $67.00 for spark plug wires, which I didn’t need. I was called and told I needed spark plugs replaced which I didn’t need. Also other services were brought up which was not needed. The previous group that worked there last year were not this bad. I will not be returning to this facility again and others should be warned about services needed where the customer cannot see the actual problem. I am mechanical minded and eventualliy found out what these guys are doing. Garland Texas!!. I was charged $300 over a previous quote for a RR valve cover replacement gasket. First quote was $260.00 which was closed to a dealers quote. Then they charged me $66.00 for spark plug wires in the $560.00 quote for the valve cover gasket replacement. All parts were included in the quote but they also added a $40.00 “shop supply charge” which is a way of getting extra money. Numerous other claims of service recommendations were brough up. I knew these were not needed becaused I had them done receintly at the dealer. Like other mechanics in the area these guys are ripping off customers on services that a customer can’t see and they’re just trying to get more money for repairs not needed.

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