City of Bakersfield Building Dept Bakersfield California


Complaint: Be aware that if you go there to do your due diligence on a property that you are interested in buying the counterperson will research on computer and tell you there are no code violations. Then later after you own the property if you happen to need a permit to remodel they will then be extremely diligent in finding past issues with the property. You cannot get any help unless it involves the city collecting fee’s for the various plan and permit processes. After the permit is issued and you go through the process of building even the SMALLEST of projects you will get a different inspector each time. Each inspector will ask for something different or dispute what the previous inspector requested. When you get signed off or “finaled”” make sure you go back to the city to check that it was input into their computer system. This might prevent you from having to go through another permit process with more fees imposed. My project wasn’t and it required a follow up inspection.”

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Address: 1715 Chester Ave Bakersfield , California USA

Website: http://[email protected]/

Phone: 661-326-3720

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