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Complaint: Folks: Guess what we uncovered? The City of San Jose actually hires idiots for Human Resource people. One such person is Zoe McChesney. She’s the HR person for the Public Works Department at the City of San Jose. Menopausal moron Zoe McChesney claims she needs people to fill positions. Don’t let that fool you. Deep inside, she’s an incompetent human being and idiotic hiring manager. We don’t think Zoe McChesney got the job because she’s talented – Zoe McChesney got it because she’s a woman and not white! She plays that minority status game quite well. Zoe’s so bad she wrongly kicks out job applicants for no good reason. For example, Zoe McChesney wanted one applicant from out of state to fly in for a job interview at Christmas time when airline tickets are expensive. When the applicant tried to make arrangements for a Skype interview, Zoe McChesney never returned the person’s phone call. That’s because Zoe McChesney is willing to do anything she can to exclude qualified job applicants. We bet Zoe McChesney’s willing to do anything for cash. When that person went to an interview for the Associate Plan Check Engineer position, they had an interesting time. The person was never given the eraser to complete the problem they were assigned. When the interview came, the panel composed of Zoe McChesney and members of the building department never even discussed the job applicant’s experience in high-rise building design and podium structures, building types that are being erected in the City of San Jose currently. By the way, Zoe McChesney, how are those contract workers working out? What’s even more ironic is that Zoe McChesney was willing to throw away city money to allow her special interest groups to maintain their employment. For example, if she hired this person as a Value Engineer in the Public Works Department, she would have realized enough savings to allow those laid off police officers in the City of San Jose to keep their jobs and then hire more. KGO-TV was told of this and couldn’t believe it. But we guess she’s on an ego trip that’s all about her. We wonder what San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed thinks of this imperfect human being! When this person interviewed for the Associate Plan Check Engineer position, she denied the person the top rating and hired people with much less experience instead. Zoe McChesney never even returned this person’s phone call about a FOIL request to see the actual ratings. Guess Zoe McChesney and her cronies at the Building Department participate in unethical hiring practices. We also think Zoe McChesney’s denying people with experience because they do not want to pay them the higher salaries for their experience. We guess she’s trying to create an idiocracy. What Zoe McChesney and her crew of idiots do is to interview them so they do not have the appearance of discrimination against older workers. Even worse yet, she has a thing against smart people. Zoe McChesney believes if she hired them, she would have less work to give them. We believe that if she hires smart people, it would show some serious issues in the Building Department at the City of San Jose. Zoe McChesney even sent an applicant with a California Structural Engineering License a job posting as a hydraulic engineer. Zoe McChesney never even apologized to this person. We know Zoe McChesney’s never heard of an ethical standard for engineers where engineers cannot perform work in their area of expertise. We guess she did this to make her bosses think she’s trying to correct the situation where she wrongfully kicked that qualified person out of the job (s)he was rightfully entitled to. Guess having a California Structural Engineering License is a great disadvantage there. Talk about being an idiot! At the City of San Jose, they didn’t invent job discrimination against the long-term unemployed – they just perpetrate it. Folks, the City of San Jose is now known as the Crap-ital of Sili-Con Valley, all because of the efforts of Zoe McChesney. We will continue to publicize the stupid hiring policies of Zoe McChesney and the city of San Jose until she addresses the issue with these individuals. We got a great commercial for Zoe McChesney. What to you folks think? At the City of San Jose, Zoe McChesney’s ready. Zoe’s ready to screw you well in advance. Her most important job is to keep you and your family broke and unsafe. That’s what she does day by day. She’s constantly thinking up ways to rip off taxpayers and job applicants with the schemes she and her co-workers are developing. Denying qualified job applicants positions for illogical reasons can happen quickly. And in any season, that’s what she focuses on most! Zoe McChesney of City of San Jose. She’s ready. She’s ready. She’s ready to screw you. That’s municipal stupidity you can count on! Here’s one commercial we made about Zoe McChesney. What do you think? Hello, folks. No one has time to waste, and that’s why at the City of San Jose, they’ve tailored their job application process to wreck the qualified employee’s hopes of employment. Every day, they deliver major falsehoods and illegal job disqualifications for no legitimate reason. There’s no oversight. There’s lots of B.S. They make sure they ruin their applicants while wasting your time and dime. Zoe McChesney of the City of San Jose, municipal stupidity you can count on!

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