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Me to Alix (FAKE NAME RYAN) (310) 270-5512 – mobile3/22/12 6:36 AM 53 minutes ago Me: hi are you sending addresd? 4:39 AMAlix (FAKE NAME RYAN): 1321 Londonderry 90069 4:39 AMMe: I am leaving in 5 min see u soon 4:42 AMAlix (FAKE NAME RYAN): Era? 4:45 AMAlix (FAKE NAME RYAN): Eta? 4:45 AMMe: 505 4:46 AMAlix (FAKE NAME RYAN): Ok 4:46 AMAlix (FAKE NAME RYAN): How many guys did you see tonight 4:50 AMAlix (FAKE NAME RYAN): Fk you I’m making sure you never work again and if you come anywhere on my property I will shoot to kill. You’ve been warned. 6:36 AMMe: wait dude u were extremely aggresive to me which I kept telling u I did not like I felt so uncomfortable even tho I was trying to apease the situation 6:40 AM

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