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cj’s car america rip off , honesty doesnt live here bridgeport New York!!. on march of 2015, i purchased a 2017 ford escape from the business listed , as cj’s car america. at 544 rt 31 bridgeport, ny. the day i went to pick up the vehicle , the alt lite was on,i was told not to worry about it,they checked the altnator out and it was under charging, so they replaced it, so they claimed. but the light was still one . i took it back again, and they claimed nothing wrong. yet light was still on.i callled teh warnaty place where the dealer has sold me a warranty, and was told to take it to the nearest repair shop. well i took teh vechile to aamco in water town ny, where they told me that after checking they found a broken ciricut in the charging system. i called cj’s from thier shop, and was told after i had already paided aamco $193.00 that they would not give me my money back, and that i should have brought the car back to them. i had already had the care back to cj’s 3 times prior to that day.and each time cj’s failed to make it right. then i went to swap the vechile in, and was told that it was in 3 privious wrecks. when i approched cj’s they denied that, statement .and sent me a car fax stating the car was only in one. but up on searching my self, after teh dealrship i took the escape to showed me the car faxes for the escape, i found that carbones was right, and there was three accident reports.one report went on to say that the veichle structal damage to both the body and the frame. all of which cj’s denies to this day.these people shouldnt be allowed to sell cars,

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