Claire Tarbell, Cincinnati, OH


Claire Tarbell is a prostitute in the city of Cincinnati. Her professional choices are solely to support her addiction to crack cocaine. I inadvertently stumbled upon her facebook page after logging in and finding my husband had failed to log out. While I normally wouldn’t have bothered he left her messages on screen and his “extra” cell phone which I believed was for work on his desk. Conveniently, the messages there gave a very entertaining story of his relationship with her and her desperate pleas for his company so that she can purchase her narcotics on any given day. She is aware that he is married and is a father yet it makes no difference to her who’s life she is destroying or who’s children are heartbroken because Daddy is working late again. It should also be noted that she more than likely carries some disease or other since her services include an extra fee for dispensing with the use of a condom. While her family may or may not be aware of her activities the fact that she is willing to do anything with anyone at anytime should be sufficient to scare the hell out of women across the city. Is he really having the oil changed in the family minivan? Is there really a company wide mandatory meeting that he must attend, missing yet another ballet recital? While I have no intention of divorcing my idiot husband for becoming involved with an “unlicensed” massage therapist that specializes in the”happy” ending. I have to admit her ambivalence infuriates me more than his indiscretion. My marriage is actually worth saving and I have 4 beautiful children to prove it. The prostitute however needs to remain in the ghetto and away from my husband, and maybe even yours or the video and audio I had installed in his car will air on the evening news. Her days of destroying lives without regard will be short lived once her identity is made public. Unfortunately I am unable to post the photos that prove it since this site has a policy for decency which she has none.

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