classic and performance mustangs


classic and performance mustangs Slow sloppy work Denver Colorado!!. I took my 1998 Mustang GT to these guys when it failed emissions, 6 months and $3500 in exhaust components and labor and repeated calls, I called them once a week for updates and I finally get my car back and it passes emissions! I drive the car maybe 50 miles and the check engine light comes on, look up the code and it’s insufficient egr flow. Give them a couple of calls and they claim they’re researching it. A month goes by and I give up and try to fix it myself turns out they didn’t hook up my dpfe sensor. Had it out for a drive today and as I’m pulling it back into my driveway white plumes of smoke everywhere. Let the smoke clear and pop the hood to find that these geniuses had run my heater hoses right on top of the headers they replaced which had melted right through the hoses. If you care about your car and getting quality service stay away from this place.

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