classic and perormnce mustang


classic and perormnce mustang Terry Moreland denver Colorado!!. This is a crook and a thief, I was hired and couldn’t believe what I heard from him and his wife. This guy was so dis-honest I quit the next day after working there one day. Laughed about how much he had in customer cars and joked they weren’t done paying him yet. Tried to screw people out a lot of money for used parts. Was just a total jerk and control freak. Total thief and I couldn’t work there, and I have been in the car business 10+ years. Can’t believe this guy isn’t closed down or faced leagal action. Plus never paid me for my day o fwork. There is a special place in HELL for guys like this. Gives car guy’s a bad rap. Jerk off #1 running this place.

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