Claude Johnson Guitar Control Brisbane Alabama


Complaint: I signed to a free 30 day trial in response to one of Claude Johnson’s interminable email offers on 25 March 2017. Unbeknown to me, he included a single line buried in an email stating that I would be billed monthly if I did not cancel a subscription which I was unaware that I had started. Since then he has deducted 19.95 from my account monthly on: 27 April 22 May 22 June and 24 July. These amounts were decucted for belonging to something called a Guitar Gods Club which I’d never heard of. In short , this man is a pest and a sneak. Do yourself a favour and send his emails straight to the trash. Neither is this an isolated incident. He had previously billed me for goods not received in or around 2009.

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Address: Internet USA



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