Claudette Castillo Lara – Bronk, New York New York


This pathetic ugly whore is Claudette Castillo Lara. She’s so gross her husband doubts he fathered 2 of their 3 kids. Luckily the only home she successfully wrecked was her own but honestly speaking they’re all better off without her around. She’s a lying cheating theif who loves to brag about the house she bought and business she was able start with all the money she’s made from selling the jewels she’s stolen from her “idiot boss” as she likes to refer to him at H&T Goldman. She’s such a violent loser that she no longer can live at said home and now has to put up with court ordered supervised visits to see her children. Fellas if you see her run as fast as you can, ladies if your man is disgusting enough to mess with her get yourself tested ASAP because she really loves to get drunk and suck random dick in bathrooms

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