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Complaint: I bought a double wide from clayton homes and it has been stressful can’t get them to fix nothing they have come here but not once came back to fix anything. Brand new no one but us have lived in it. So I was told but the floors are falli ng in and roof leaks bath has black mold growing in the walls they patched rook with silicon instead of changing the shingles. Oh My God.. There is so much wronge with this thing. Stove didn’t work was trash had to buy a new one second hot water heater didn’t work had to have that fixed cause they would not come fix it. Fridge had big spilt in it and was not sealing freezer door. I can keep going for hours on things that is wrong the marriage line is seperating.OMG I need some help pls I need an attorney they are sueing me for 70, 000.00. And another thing you can see day light at the top of exterra walls also from one room to another. Hope this is enough to get someone to help me pls….

Tags: Environmental Violators

Address: Nationwide USA


Phone: 1-318-377-9225

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