Clayton Warichak – A+ K-9 Basic Training – Johnathan Drenski – Von Der Stadtrand German Shepherds Woodbine Georgia Review


On June 26th I wired almost $5000.00 onto the account of Clayton Warichak for a trained German Shepherd named Fatima. He e-mailed and said he received it and he would book her flight the next week and get back to me…nothing! I assumed it was because of July 4th. I e-mailed him and he said he couldn’t have her shipped because his partner had the flu. He promised to ship her the next week and asked what day worked best for me. I told him Monday through Thursday. NOTHING! nI e-mailed him and said that I found some negative things about him on the Internet and I just want a refund of my money. NO RESPONSE!! I e-mailed him from a friend’s E-mail address asking about buying another dog he has for sale. He e-mailed RIGHT BACK telling me that the dog is available. I told him it was really me and that I want my money back for Fatima! nHe refuses to resolve this or refund my money or contact me in any way. I warned him that I would go on the Internet and warn others that this is a scam and he still refuses to accept my calls or return an E-mail. I am a person of my word and I will post an update if he refunds my money as per my request. nAlicenWoodbine, GeorgiaU.S.A.

5226 North 108th Court Milwaukee, Wisconsin U.S.A.


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