Cleary Building Corporation Review


The end of July we ordered a 16 X 21 with a 8 foot lean-to barn. We told them we wanted it built the end of Sept. or OCT., since we still had to tear down our old barn and level the site. We have had two delays, nobody bothered to call us an let us know about the delays, we had to call them. This was very frustrating because of missed work.the area manager could of least called and let us know about the delays. The corporate office was notified, We were with the understanding It would be built the 24 th of November, but we were wrong, another delay, we did get a call from James Gardner this time . Now it” scheduled to be built the first of Dec. I understand the weather is a factor in the delays but in the meantime our animals are without shelter. It seems like one delay after another .The area manager cannot pick up the phone and let us know what is gong on. This is the second building we purchased from Cleary. The first one a 30×56 was built in 2011. No problems, everything went like clockwork, that is why we turned to Cleary this time. Different area manager. Lets see if it gets built the first of Dec. It is pretty hard to recommend Cleary to others.

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