Click SEO Marketing Review


I deal with this company and my experience with these guys was reasonably well. I gave them the assignment of improving the ranking of two of my websites. Results were not immediate and I had to be patient for the results to appear. In the beginning, they promised top search engine rankings within three months, but this never happened. It took them 6 months to deliver on their promises. I stick with them as I am quite flexible and paying them was not a big issue but I totally get the point and feel for those who do not have the means to keep making payments. Because one does feel the pain when someone does not stick to their promises. I would rate my experience with these guys 2 out of 5.


Name: Click SEO Marketing

Country: Canada


City: Woodbridge, Ontario

Address: 6175 Hwy 7 Unit 17

Phone: 877-972-5425


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