Cliff and Heather (Evans) Roberts – Norwich, Connecticut Connecticut


So…In 2011-2012 I caught my now ex-husband cheating! He posted several profiles on “dating” sites, like POF! This man is a nuclear engineer in the USS Navy! He was stationed away from home. During that time I guess he decided to find a companion because being faithful was too hard on him!!! 12 years of marriage and this is what I was put through! During the divorce proceeding he lied to his attorney and the courts saying I was the one that cheated….he could have never been so wrong!!!! This “woman” is much younger and knew he was married and still decided to ruin a marriage!!! Shame, shame on both of them! And he was able to keep his military career….if he disrespects the vows of marriage what will he disrespect about his commitment to the Navy??? Take a good look people….if they cheat on one person they will assuredly cheat on another!!!

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