Clintonville Car Sales


This will appear to be a decent business at first and lots of great reviews…..BUYERS BEWARE! The reviews are so great because the owner offers an incentive if you write a great review online for the company. I purchased a vehicle that had some issues which the owner documented would be repaired. They had my vehicle for 2 weeks and returned the vehicle to me “claiming” the issues were fixed and they weren’t. | Within a month I started to notice things were damaged on the vehicle and they just covered it up. The owner turns out to be a disrespectful jerk, who yelled at me and hung up on me multiple times and refused to assist me because he was mad about an error he made and tried to blame me. They put a tracker on your car and don’t even tell you when you purchase the vehicle, I found out when he threatened to come pick up my vehicle. | I wasn’t late or miss one payment, but all because he didn’t update his records with my correct insurance company he treats a customer as if you didn’t just pay for his next meal. The down payments aren’t low so if you can I suggest going elsewhere. The owner responds to complaints, I have seen where others complained about the disrespect they received and he will just swear they don’t conduct business in anything other than a professional manor. LIES LIES LIES, don’t even waste time here.

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