Clive E. Roberson miami Florida Review


Decent people BEWARE of this evil sick stupid old piece of dirt for a human being. He is the most EVIL disgusting rude physician I have EVER encountered. I developed sensitivity to chemicals many years ago and throughout the years my sensitivity has gotten worse. I didn’t see an allergist since it wasn’t that bad but since it got worse throughout time, I recently scheduled an appt to see this devil. nI had no idea he was going to end up being such a rude demeaning condescending A**hole. Me and my mother went together hoping to speak to at least a respectful or understanding or even half-decent person and we were hoping to get some answers and some testing to treat this allergy/sensitivity. Instead what we got was an absolute NIGHTMARE of an experience when facing this evil sick prejudice racist white devil Dr Roberson. This wrinkled old narrow-minded condescending sick evil disgusting piece of dirt was SO RUDE to me and my mother. nHe was especially rude to me – I am an ethnic female in my mid-twenties. He began attacking me when I nicely explained to him that I have had chemical sensitivities for years. He started condescendingly yelling at me and telling me that having sensitivities to chemicals doesn’t exist. He started bringing up (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) and started taking out all his anger on this illness, out on me. He started yelling at me and accusing me of looking through websites and just began being the most condescending evil jerk in the world. After explaining to him that years ago I had lost alot of weight due to excessive exercise he looked at my chart and bluntly told me that now I was several pounds overweight (he said it in a very demeaning racist way to attempt to put me down). nEven after all his evil sick rude comments I remained civil and attempted to have a civil discussion with him. While he was rudely putting me down and making false accusations about beliefs he “deludedly”” thought I had

I was still nicely attempting to explain to him how I felt about the situation. He was taking all the anger he had on people with environmental illness out on me. He said “”I know a doctor down in Boca Raton who treats environmental illness but he’s just a quack like the rest of the people who believe in this.”” nHe was constantly putting down the idea of chemical sensitivities and calling doctors who treated it crazy and quacks. He then went too far when he falsely and for no reason began accusing me of disliking doctors and not believing in the medical profession. Right in front of my mother he began rudely and very condescendingly saying to me that I didn’t believe in the medical profession

and that’s when I had had too much. nI then told him off explaining to the evil jerk that HE was the one who was making false accusations and attacking me for no reason and taking his sick psychotic unjustified anger out on me. He is a sick minded evil psychotic freak who treats innocent patients like trash and puts them down. nI explained to this evil jerk that my father and siblings are all doctors and in no way did I EVER express dislike for the medical community. It’s obvious this doctor has some serious mental issues and likes to take his psychotic unjustified anger out on innocent young female patients. He is the SICKEST most evil racist white devil jerk of a physician I have ever encountered. He’s an old narrow-minded racist and NO ONE should EVER go to such a sick and evil individual to get treated. This kind of sick jerk shouldn’t even BE in the medical profession– he is an absolutele INSULT to the profession because of his racist prejudice degrading evil ways. nI am absolutely ashamed that there are doctors out there who are so condescending and evil towards their patients and have no remorse and care for their actions or attitudes. He’s not a doctor

he’s a devil and people should be warned of sick mentally ill physicians like him out there who have a license to treat innocent patients. After explaining to him that I had had enough with his attitude I left the room and took my mother with me. I hope that NO ONE out there ever has to experience this evil jerk’s horrendous arrogant prejudice and racist ways. He is a rotten sick disgusting sub-human rat and a cancer to the medical profession which is created to help and treat people. Clive Roberson is not a doctor

but a sick mentally ill jerk. nMelissanpsl

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