Club White Smile


While payng my fuel bill for my vehicles online, a popup surfaced that lead me to believe that the survey that I would be responding to was a legitamate part of the website I was using and trusting at the time. It came to pass that I noticed the illegitimate charge to my credit card from a company that I did not have any dealings with. That company being clubwhitesmile. I took the survey for an I phone 6 that I was convinced that my fuel company was promoting and later turned out to be not the case. I have called my credit card company and they advised me to get in contact with the company and get a refund. The clubwhite smile lists numbers that do not respond to your calls as well as their email addresses. This is by all means a total misrepresentation of product and services and has to be against the law (fraud and theft). I would gladly travel across the country to bear witness against these low lifes and I hope others would do the same.

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