Club Wyndham Fairfield Pennsylvania Review


My wife and I are very frustrated and disappointed with Wyndham Vacation Club. It is not at all what we were lead to believe we had purchasing as part of their vacation marketing sales pitch. Iu2019m a US military veteran and if this is how Wyndham treats our American Vetu2019s then same on them and any other organization the supports or does business with them. Our first frustration was the inability to utilize the 4day/3 night package from the palm-Aire, Fl resort with the availability listed online based on package membership type the Rep stated weu2019d be allowed to do. We were told from the sales pitch that we were required to call a reservation specialist and let them look up each resort we are interested in for availability. At no time did the presenter or sales representative redirect us to any limitations mentioned in any small print nor were we offered to u201cviewu201d images of the actually properties that would be available to us u2013 nice bait and switch by the way. Iu2019m sure we were not the first to expect dishonesty, deception and lack of integrity from a company such as Wyndham, and we wonu2019t be the last. Iu2019ve never been known to be naive or gullible, but this time as Wyndham vacation members we have been treated horribly, This will be the one and only time we will ever be treated in justly by Wyndham and taken for a fool. The only thing we discovered about the Wyndham vacation sales is the they train and tell their customer service repu2019s to used Unethical Manipulative Business Practices,we were taken advantage of just because we had booked and stayed at the wyndham for our vacation. Now I see that the Wyndham sales reps objective are to sale to the consumer at whatever cost, were scammed. Thank you, US Vetern!!

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