Coast Cadallic – GMC Of Portsmouth NH


I took my Gmc truck to the Coast Cadillaic/GMC dealer to have a noise in the truck dignossed. I told them it was making a bad noise and to tell me what was wrong I thought it waseither the transmission or the cluch. they called me and siad that it was the “cluch and the rear u-joints that upon inspection they have exessive play and are noisy” I have this in writing. they said it would cost about $1000.00 so I said fix it. They called and said pick up your truckI payed them $955.09. On the way home I found that the same noise was happening they hadn’t fixed it at all . I called the coast people I asked them didn’t you test drive the truck the man said I hope they did. They said bring it back we’ll make it right. Well two days later I called them and they said they could fix/replace what they now thought was the transmission and they were going to get me a used one and only chage me $1000.double what I had already been quoted by the same guy that they were going to get the transmission from. I had called a round too to look for used transmissions. dom’t forget that’s not the labor.I took my truck home where it still sits with and bad noise and I have spent my truck fixing money on a cluch and u-joints I didn’t need.thank you for listening. D rye, New HampshireU.S.A.

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