Coastal heating Cooling Specialist Hampton New Hampshire Review


here is a BBB report that won’t be advertised until they decide. I put in two reports because the owner/installer will NOT answer calls or finish the job until I submit a report or call the town inspector, as I did. Case # 16054809 BBB New Hampshire COMPLAINT ACTIVITY REPORT Case # 16054809 BBB New Hampshire Consumer Info: Rockwood, Regina Business Info: Coastal Heating & Cooling Specialists (((REDACTED))) Hampton, NH (((REDACTED))) (((REDACTED))) (((REDACTED))) 603 926-4442 [email protected] Location Involved: (Same as above) Consumer’s Original Complaint : I ordered a new furnace on March 23rd and I still have no heat and the job is not finished when I paid in full- against my better judgement. My heater stopped working on March 23, one of the coldest days. I called several companies and Coastal showed up, March 23, 2015. They recommended a new furnace which I was going to look into in the summer. I called the next day to cancel- I had second thoughts and wanted to get more quotes. Jon Arndt, owner of Coastal, stated he had already ordered the furnace and I couldn’t cancel so he scheduled to install the new furnace on March 30. He didn’t show up. On April 2nd, he called at 4pm to say they were coming the next day, Fri. Apr. 3rd. AGAIN- no show! On April 8th Jon texted me at night to say he’ll deliver it tomorrow 4/9. There were some issues of it not working right so they came back the next day. Jon stated he would come back in two days to install the Wi-Fi thermostat and finish the job. Then it was about a week or two before Jon came back to do more work, he stated he fired his helper. He came on May 6th and fixed the hot water to the back yard faucet. There was a leaking pipe and he fixed the pipe, installed the wifi. Something was missing from the WiFi so he went home and came back with something on May 8th to fix the WiFi. I paid the rest of the bill in full on May 8th with Jon promising to come back that weekend to finish the job. I didn’t realize the WiFi was not working correctly to even have the furnace go on. The shelf the old furnace was on was also to be taken down as stated from the original quote back on March 23. I noticed the wiring was not tacked to the wall correctly. Jon said he’ll clean it up when he takes the shelf down. During the next week or two (wasn’t recording everything until I never heard from him again) Jon had a heart attack and was in the hospital. His wife did call me to say he couldn’t show up. I was fine with that- get healthy. Memorial weekend I had company and noticed two pipes were dripping again. The heat on the first floor still didn’t work either. I’ve called him several times, Jon claimed he was back in the hospital with a heart attack again and will be back to finish. Two weeks went by and I called again, I have no heat even though it’s getting to be nicer weather, there are days it’s below 65. My upstairs heat works, just not the living room. I called again on my way home from Cambridge on May 26 and he called me back same day and said he’ll get to me that he has to take care of his health. May 26th as I’m going to Seabrook Market Basket on my way home, I see the Coastal truck parked in front of the NH Liquor store. Jon comes out with bottle of Crown Royal. I approach him saying that’s not helping his health and when is he going to fix my furnace? He stated he would be there this Friday May 29th. No Show for May 29th. No one showed up. I again text Jon on June 5th to say “I still don’t have heat and two pipes are dripping now and I no longer want the Wi-Fi but a regular auto thermostat installed. Jon texted back “”okay Gina””. It is now June 18

2015 and I have yet to see/hear from Jon of Coastal or have heat in my living room. I at least deserve a weekly phone call if he’s back in the hospital. He should pay to have someone else finish his job. Arion Furnace

fully installed

old furnace and pipes removed

new WiFi thermostat and shelf removed. $14

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