Coaster Fine Furniture Review


The Classy Home and Coaster sold me a sofa, 550139 for which I paid 308.27. The delivery was fine, however, upon screwing the legs into their pre-drilled holes and sitting on it, the sofa collapsed. Upon checking the underframe, we realized the wood was very thin, or recycled and cheap and that is why it did not hold weight. Coaster tried to blame the delivery people, however, I told them it did not arrive broken, it only collapsed after someone sat on it and the collapse even caused them to hurt their back. The Classy Home was sent photos of the collapsed leg and the collapsed photo. They claim they have to investigate this as a claim. Their customer service is poor, a full refund should have been immediately done and they should send someone to pick up this piece of garbage they sold me. Will likely have to end up in court.


Name: Coaster Fine Furniture

Country: United States

State: Alabama



Phone: 877-221-9666


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